My name is Rosemarie Bartschak 

I look forward to seeing you in my classes. I gained my knowledge of being a yoga teacher through many years of passion for my own practice.  I have been a teacher since 2004 and have trained in many different styles to fine tuned my teaching journey. My All Levels Yoga classes are well-rounded and dynamic practice suitable for practitioners who wish to increase strength, flexibility, and deepen their overall understanding of how the practice of yoga works. This class is geared towards practitioners at a beginner to intermediate level of practice. These sequences are 60 minutes in duration. I also teach Spin classes, Fitness, Pilates and Step Areobics with weights. Rosemarie's has over 1000 hrs of teaching certifications and is a AFLCA Certified Fitness Teacher with all designations. 


I thank all my master teachers and am grateful to every one of them for making me a teacher and sharing the secrets of the ancient wisdom with me. 

Rosemarie's has over 1000 hrs of teaching certifications: